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Whether your vehicle is the victim of a collision or a major hailstorm, Unique Body Shop has exactly what you need to bring it back to its pre-accident conditions or better. The services offered by our expert technicians are listed below:


Specialized Services


Collision Repair

We understand how stressful it is to have your vehicle damage in an accident. We are dedicated to return your vehicle to pre-collision condition or better. We work with your insurance to handle the claims and all you have to do is to drop off your vehicle and pick it up when it is done.


Auto Body Refinishing

Want that car to shine like new again? Bring it to us and we will make it happen! We will sand down any old paint or rust and reapply new paint with your choice of color and shines. You will love your car again!


Paintless Dent Removal

Our top notch PDR technician can magically make any dents disappear while you wait in our comfortable lobby. Typically small dime to quarter sized dents take 1/2 to one hour to repair, while larger dents may take longer. Please feel free to bring a book to read or a laptop to work in our waiting area.


Hail Damage Repair

Have hail damage? No worry! We will work with your insurance to have your car returned to it’s perfect condition prior to the damage. Your vehicle will look smooth and shinny as if nothing has happened to it.


Paint & Body Work

For damages on your vehicle which have affected the original paint, we also offer traditional paint and body work for a perfect finish. First, the surface is sanded off and the dent repaired by inserting filler material. Then, our expert paint technician will match your car’s color to the exact shade and apply clear coat. Once finished, your car will look brand new.


Bumper Repair

For minor accidents that don’t justify filing of an insurance claim, we work with your budget to repair your vehicle without breaking your bank. Your vehicle will be ready to hit the road again in no time!

Additional Services


Full auto detail

In addition to putting forth our best efforts to repair any car damage, Unique Body Shop has no problem giving your vehicle the full attention it deserves: waxed finishing, vacuumed interior, shampooed carpets – these are only just a few of the optional services we offer to leave you 100% satisfied with your vehicle after pickup.


Headlights restoration

Do your headlights have that blurred appearance or yellow/brown tint that keeps them from looking bright and brand new? Give us a call! Here at Unique Body Shop, we will restore the clarity to your headlights so that they shine like never before.


Ceramic coating

For a long lasting and almighty finish to your paint job, there is no better choice than ceramic coating. Our ceramic coating expert will add a glossy layer to your paint that will protect it from UV rays, oxidation, stains, and more, leaving your vehicle more durable than it was when you first purchased it from the dealer.